Variation Cookies are used to create different optimized versions of your pages for users that visit your site with some combination of cookies - for example, language + currency.

NitroPack for OpenCart automatically adjusts variation cookies with all the correct values in these scenarios:

- When the extension is first installed;
- Anytime the settings are saved;

If you've accidentally changed Variation Cookies in your NitroPack Settings, and if you need to adjust them to their default values, there's an easy way to do so:

  1. Go to OpenCart Admin > Extensions > Modules > > Edit
  2. Toggle between on/off any of the settings, for example, the Extension Status:

That's all! If you go to your NitroPack Settings page (on the website), you should see an up-to-date list of your variation cookies, all properly configured:

Note: NitroPack resets only the default cookies that it detects on your OpenCart store. If you've set any other variation cookies, they'll remain intact. You can also configure non-default variation cookies from the NitroPack Settings page:

I hope this helps you out! In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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