If you use Cloudways, you might see the following 403 error in the “Optimizations” panel in your NitroPack profile:

In such a case, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

First, log into your Cloudways dashboard - https://platform.cloudways.com/login.

Next, go to the apps menu - https://platform.cloudways.com/apps - and select your application.

Under Application Management, select Bot Protection and click on Show More.

From there, click on Blocked. You’ll see a list of IPs blocked by Cloudways with a small green check next to them.

You need to compare these blocked IPs with NitroPack’s IPs from this article - IP Whitelisting for NitroPack.

If a blocked IP matches an IP from the Whitelisting article, click on its small green check to whitelist (allow) it.

The IP should move from Blocked to Allowed and the green check should turn into a red “x” symbol.

Do this for all NitroPack IPs from the IP Whitelisting article. Once that’s done, the 403 error will be resolved.

Finally, you need to trigger a new NitroPack optimization on the pages that had a 403 error.

You can do that by:

  1. Manually visiting every page with the error through your browser.
  2. Use NitroPack’s Cache Warmup feature to do this for you. For more information, check out this article - Cache Warmup.

Important note: The method above is only necessary until Cloudways implements a way to whitelist IPs in bulk.

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