NitroPack tracks pageviews only on your optimized pages.

You can find your website's optimized pages in the “Optimizations” panel in your NitroPack account.

Pageviews on non-optimized pages don’t count towards your plan’s limit.

Bots and crawlers (like Googlebot) also don’t add up pageviews when they land on a page.

You can track your resource usage in the NitroPack Dashboard.

Reaching Your Pageviews or CDN Limit

If you max out your monthly pageviews or CDN bandwidth, NitroPack will automatically be disabled. Your website will continue to function normally, but NitroPack won’t optimize it.

You can continue to use NitroPack by:

  1. Waiting until the next month when your resource usage resets
  2. Upgrading to a pricing plan with more resources

Also, keep an eye on your email. We send out an alert when you reach 80% of your pageviews or CDN bandwidth.

Additionally, you get a notification email after consuming 100% of either resource. This lets you know that NitroPack will be disabled automatically.

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