NitroPack is compatible with CloudFlare, but you need to apply a few settings.

Step 1 - Linking NitroPack with CloudFlare

Do this if you want to synchronize the NitroPack cache and the CloudFlare cache:

1. Go to and log in.

2. Go to and go to the section Integrations.

3. Enable the CloudFlare option and insert your CloudFlare account e-mail address and CloudFlare Global API Key:

4. Finally, click Save

Note: To find your correct API key, follow the instructions here:

Step 2 - Disable Mirage & Rocket Loader™

Once you connect NitroPack to CloudFlare, NitroPack will automatically disable the features Mirage and Rocket Loader™ to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Mirage and Rocket Loader™ must remain disabled, as these are features that clash with NitroPack. To disable them manually:

  1. Go to your CloudFlare dashboard:
  2. Select your website, and go to Speed > Optimization
  3. Disable Mirage
  4. Disable Rocket Loader™

Step 3 - Modify Page Rules

In case you have CloudFlare Page Rules, follow the instructions here to configure them. To find the CloudFlare Page Rules:

  1. Go to your CloudFlare dashboard:
  2. Find Page Rules in the main menu

Ensure all your Page Rules meet the criteria below:

Edit Edge Cache TTL rules

In all Page Rules that contain Edge Cache TTL, remove Edge Cache TTL, or set Edge Cache TTL to 0.

Remove Rocket Loader™ rules

Remove all Page Rules that enable Rocket Loader™

Remove Mirage rules

Remove all Page Rules that enable Mirage

That's all!

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