At the beginning of using NitroPack, you might like to test it only on a few pages. If it works correctly on your installation, then you can let it optimize all of your pages. 

It is easy to include a page or pages for caching. With this option, you can specify a list of included URLs you would like to be optimized. Note that no other URLs will be optimized.

How to include individual pages

  1. Go to General Settings.
  2. Locate the box Included URLs.
  3. Enable the option (click the toggle on the right).
  4. Enter the URL of the page you wish to include.
  5. For multiple pages, enter each one on a new line:

   6. Finally, click the Save button on the top right to save your changes.

Using wildcards

With wildcards, you can include a group of pages at once.

For example, here is how you can include all pages of your blog post.

Assuming they are set up as child pages so that their URL structure is like this:

You can use the following one-liner:*

This will include the page   /blog/post/  itself, and all the pages with  /blog/post/ in the URL, like for example  /blog/blog_post_1/ .

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