NitroPack can’t be used with another caching plugin that has page caching enabled. The overlapping functionalities can cause our caching mechanism to not work at all. That’s why we don’t recommend using NitroPack simultaneously with another caching plugin, like (but not limited to):

  • Autoptimize

  • Breeze

  • Comet Cache by WP Sharks

  • Fast Velocity Minify

  • Hummingbird

  • Litespeed Cache

  • PageSpeed Ninja

  • PhastPress

  • Powerpack (WPTouchPro)

  • SG Optimizer

  • Smush (only their lazy load option must be disabled, not the entire plugin)

  • Swift Performance

  • W3 Total Cache

  • WP Fastest Cache

  • WP Fastest Cache Premium

  • WP Rocket

  • WP Super Cache

  • WP-Optimize (only their page caching must be disabled, not the entire plugin)

For more details on compatible plugins, services and hosting providers, please refer to the "Compatibilities" section in our Help Desk.

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