For all our customers using NitroPack for WordPress on the Flywheel hosting, it is required to follow the steps below for NitroPack to run without issues.

First, log in to Flywheel by going to:

Find your site, and go to the Advanced page.

Scroll down and enable both of these options:

  • Development Mode

All set!

In case you want to know why this setup works, read on.

What does WP_CACHE do?

This option allows all caching plugins such as NitroPack to generate and to serve cache. If this is disabled, WordPress assumes you do not want to have any caching, even though NitroPack may be active. For this reason, WP_CACHE must remain enabled.

What is Development Mode?

Flywheel provides server-side caching which works on top of all of your WordPress, including any caching plugins you may have installed. If Development Mode is enabled, this stops the server-side caching, and as a result, NitroPack takes over the caching.

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