We assume you have already installed the NitroPack Connector and connected your website. If you haven't installed or connected, please do so, and then return to this section of the documentation.

To access the dashboard, log in to nitropack.io, and click on the "Go to Dashboard" button. You will see this screen:

Optimized Pages

This panel gives you an overview of how many pages have been optimized by NitroPack. You also see how long ago a cached page has been purged. Clicking the large number gives you a breakdown of the number of cached pages for every page type - mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Google PageSpeed

Use this panel to perform a comparison of your PageSpeed score and other stats before and after the NitroPack optimizations. NitroPack must already be enabled in your store. The results are cached on your web browser for 24 hours. You can trigger another inspection by clicking the Refresh icon at the top right of the panel. The inspection may take up to several minutes if you have recently connected.


This panel gives you a general overview of your subscription and resource usage.

Last Optimized

This panel gives you a list of the last ten optimized pages on your website.

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