Like most performance optimization tools NitroPack performs a series of standard optimization techniques like:

  • Image optimization and automated conversion to WebP
  • Minification of CSS/JS/HTML
  • Compression of all resources - compressed resources are downloaded faster
  • Lazy loading of images and iframes

What makes NitroPack stand out, however, are the advanced features that it provides lke

  • Advanced resource loading - this changes the way resources in your site are loaded helping the browser to discover critical resources and to improve render times and page responsiveness
  • Critical CSS - the main website styles are included in the minified HTML allowing the browser to start drawing your site immediately. The resource loader handles the loading of the rest of your resources
  • CDN - The optimized Image, CSS, JS and font resources are loaded from the nearest Amazon edge location, ensuring the fastest download speed

NitroPack approaches the performance problem from an entirely different angle compared to other solutions. Instead of applying common best practices for optimization on each resource individually, NitroPack inspects all resources on a given page and understands how they are connected. This allows it to extend the standard optimization methods with context aware optimizations achieving much better results. 

Because NitroPack can also control the resource loading it greatly helps the browsers in rendering the sites. Additionally NitroPack has one of the most advanced lazy loading systems - besides lazy loading the standard image and iframe tags, NitroPack automatically detects all background images configured in any CSS resource and lazy loads these as well. These plus other advanced technologies allow NitroPack to achieve great performance results.

For a complete list of all features, please refer to our homepage:

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